Since the Beldum Comunity Day is over, it’s clear that Spanish players community are able to fill the principal cities of their country in an organized way. These players, instead of playing individually, they prefer using chat groups and other organized platforms to play together.

We already talked about that topic on our “Pokémon GO is not dead” article, but actually this threat deserves a deeper analysis and that’s the reason why we are writing here. So, we are making a comparison between Spain and other countries and also a general perspective of what’s happening in our country.

Where we come from

First of all, we should look back and see what kind of events we already enjoyed in Spain.

Obviously, we took part in the global event such Community Day, Christmas, St. Valentin or Halloween. The list is quite long and everyone knows what we are talking about. But… what about located events?

Earth Day

This event only took place in the Guadalmar Beach (Málaga) with the SurfRider collaboration. Niantic had promoted the beach cleaning and conservation through a rubbish removing event. Some rewards were given depending on the quantity of rubbish the people removed.

Source: andalimpia.

Malls and Safari Zone

We think these two events should go together since they were possible just because the collaboration between Niantic and the Unibail-Rodamco malls.

The first event took place in different European cities and it introduced the Kangaskhan and Unown spawn (E-U-R-O-P-E letters). In Spain we were able to enjoy the event in cities such as Badajoz, Barcelona, Cádiz, Madrid, Sevilla, San Sebastián, Valencia and Valladolid. But actually there were some regions without event. I went to the Valladolid mall (travelling some hours from Asturias) with other players in a shared car, and I can ensure you that the mall was full of players from all around the place and even from other regions.

The second case was a break point for Pokemon GO in Spain: Barcelona’s Safari Zone brought together 2000 players (in official numbers) at La Maquinista, a popular mall in the city. There were people not only from other regions but from other countries.

There’s not much to say about Safari Zone that we don’t already know. Kangaskhan and Unown were spawning again (S-A-F-A-R-I) but also the spawn of rare Pokémon (such as Larvitar, Mareep, Chansey or shiny form of Pikachu and Magikarp) was increased. It was a mandatory date for everyone who (like me) wanted to afford candies or was planning to get a powerful Blissey in order to defend gyms.

Madrid Games Week: a breack point

Madrid Games Week is a really expected event by the videogames lovers. It gathers all the first line games companies at a place where players can try the new titles that are coming. We were also at the Madrid Games Week (and we also raffle tickets for you). But the Madrid Games Week was quite different from other Games Week events.

Source: Hirobyte

At Madrid, not like London Comic Con or Paris Games Week, there was none Unown spawn at all. In the other hand, the spawn of Eevee and Pikachu was increased to promote the new titles Pokémon Let’s GO Eevee and Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu that are coming in November 16th.

This fact causes that some players showed their annoyance on the social networks. Even the hashtag #UnownBarcelona was promoted by PokexPerto (a popular Pokémon news source at Spain) in which players asked Niantic to bring the psychic type Pokémon to the city at one of these events:

  • Manga Saloon: 1st – 4th
  • Barcelona Games World: 29th November – 2nd

Well, there’s not much time until we discover if Niantic will activate Unown spawn at one of those events. What do you think about it?

But… what’s going on outside?

Apart from Comic Con or Games Week events taking place in other countries, Japan may be the most Pokémon event friendly country right now. Well, it’s understandable since Pokémon was born there. We can look back and see how the Pokémon GO Special Week, Yokosuka’s Safari Zone or even that first Lapras event was managed. Anyway, if you’re reading Pokemon news it’s obvious that Japan have much more than other places.

Another feature that’s enjoyed in other countries but not in Spain (at least not in the same way) are the sponsored PokéStops. We all remember how the first Mewtwo raids were taking places at those PokéStops (McDonalds, Starbucks…) before they started to spawn at common gyms.


Bearing all this information in mind, it’s possible to set a list of conclusions about Spain’s situation:

  • How but not how much: even if there are good ideas (such Safari Zone or Earth’s Day), this kind of events don’t involve the community. For those like me who are lucky enough to travel it’s an opportunity to enjoy the game in another way. But the reality says that a lot of people are getting exclude of this events for money wise.
  • Niantic does not know how the community is: till South America didn’t started the #HolaNiantic movement, they seem invisible for the Niantic’s eyes. We think they don’t do it on purpose, but Niantic is not giving love to the players commonly. We know the difficulties behind a deep knowledge of the community, but we also think that if they want and make the efforts, they’ll be able to find the way.
  • Spanish community needs an event: till we wait how Mime Jr. is managed (and if we lose our European regional) we need a general event. We have showed up how strong is our community (just look at the tweet in the beginning of this article). Niantic needs to look on that and, come on guys, the Madrid Games Week was the only one without Unown.

Thanks to Raquel Tena for supporting me with the translation of the text 🙂

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